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I’ve always considered myself to be pretty money conscious, but there is one tool I swear I don’t know how I lived without. Over the last six months I have become a huge fan of YNAB.

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YNAB (You Need a Budget) is an amazing online software that helps you to budget your actual dollars and not some made up figure you come up with. This tool can help you get out of debt, stop the paycheck to paycheck cycle and ultimately get you/help you on the way to saving more money. I will say that even when you have money in the bank YNAB can make you “feel broke.” The basic premise is that you budget money into categories. If you have money to spend in that category go ahead and spend it. If you don’t have enough in your dining out category you will have to forgo that spontaneous outing or shuffle money from another category to be able to “afford” that dinner out on the town. This has led me to being much more disciplined in my spending habits.

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Our personal goal right now is to budget for a new or at least new to us home. YNAB is definitely helping to get us there and make sure we have money in all the necessary categories before we pull the trigger on selling our current home and moving into another. YNAB offers free classes that are beneficial even if you do not use the software. I did a few classes and the free month before I committed to the one year subscription.

Maybe you are struggling or stressing about money. Maybe you have a  plan but need just a little bit of help. Maybe you have it all figured out and just love to see your money work. If you are interested in checking out the software please feel free to use my referral link. Full disclosure: If you try it out and sign up for a subscription I can get a free month of YNAB. That’s a win for both of us in my book!



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