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Tuesday’s and Tea

I haven’t written in quite a while. A lot of that has to do with going back to work and having a baby, but most of it has to do with having two grandparents that spent a significant amount of time this year in the hospital. I praise God that my Grandmother is doing well and has been home for a couple of weeks. My Grandma on the other hand left this life last night after a long struggle. Everything started out simply enough with her having injured her foot a couple of months ago. Unfortunately, being a diabetic does not allow simple injuries to be so simple. Her foot wasn’t healing and that was due to the limited amount of blood flow to that foot. As her infection continued to get worse they decided that an amputation was the next necessary step. Doctors hoped a below the knee amputation would be sufficient, but it proved not to be. While everything was going on with her foot she was starting to have stomach issues as well and they has to resort to a feeding tube. The tube never really took and she at times refused to eat or just couldn’t hold anything down. The combination of the infection, medications and lack of nutrition led to memory issues including her not remembering who I was. Those moments were truly devastating. On Friday, they went back in for an above the knee amputation and it ended up being more than her frail body could handle. I can’t begin to comprehend how much this will impact my life. After all, we spoke every single Tuesday and we loved talking to each other over a hot cup of tea. I’m grateful for almost 33 years of time with her. She left me with a ton of stories, laughs and love. I will miss and cherish them all.

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