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Nailed It!

A year ago today I had the opportunity to tell J that we were going to be parents. The next day was his birthday and he was going to be heading out of town for a playoff game, so I had the perfect opportunity to surprise him with the big news.


Dinner was take out from Texas Roadhouse-I didn’t have time to cook anything fancy and he loves their beef tips and rolls so why not? In all honesty he probably should have known something was up when he didn’t see a bottle of wine at the table!

This is how the reveal went down.

The room the baby would have to be in was at the time my husband’s man cave. This is a close up of the eviction notice he was given to let him know it was time to pack up and ship out.


We started talking about building our family in December of 2014 so being quite the planner I ordered a few baby items from the MDen with his Christmas gifts. I was not going to pay for shipping later for these things! I didn’t have an exact plan at the time but knew having a few Michigan items would be pretty sweet. And yes, I did a digital and a traditional line test.


This video captures the moment he found out. I wish I would have kept rolling for a little while but this captures the best part.

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