January Challenge Recap

The challenges for January 2014 were:

1.  Complete the 30 Day Be Intentional Challenge


Done! Several of the things I had recently completed. The one that item on the list that I find next to impossible is to make up the bed daily, I guess I just don’t see the point!

2. 52 Week Money Saving Challenge (technically this is a year-long challenge)

The plan was to do this challenge in reverse as posted previously, but I have decided to do a modified version. This method makes it much easier to do the automatic deposits.  So check!!

Here is the modified version for reference.


3. Photo a Day

EPIC FAIL! I did very well in the beginning of the month, but had a very hectic week and never picked it back up. I like the idea, I just spent more time living and enjoying life, than capturing it. I suppose that is a good problem to have. january capture 365

4. Read and complete the daily challenges from One Month to Live.


In progress. I am behind, but I am determined to finish it. 


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