February 2014 Challenges

A crazy weekend has me starting this a little late, but here goes:

1. 30 Day Blog Challenge

Obviously this will go into March since February only has 28 days and I’m starting late-but that’s the challenge. 

Rationale: I’m trying to get into a better habit of regularly blogging and what better way to begin that than to have a 30 day challenge.?

Resources: I made a list by looking at several 30 day blogging challenges on Pinterest. The posts for this challenge will be on my more personal blog http://teambrinkman.blogspot.com/


2. Daily Spanish Lessons

Rationale: The fact that I live in South Texas should be reason enough, but the husband and I are going to be traveling to Mexico, Honduras and Belize next month, s it would be nice to have more to say than hello, my name is and thank you. 🙂 

Resources: I should be ashamed to admit this, but I have had language software for Italian and Spanish that I have neglected to use except right before taking a vacation to a Spanish or Italian speaking country. The software  I will be using is fluenz, which I find to be more in line with my needs than the more popular language software out there.  Fluenz.com




3. February Fitness Challenge


Rationale: I need to regularly do something to be more physically fit!

Resources: Again using Pinterest I found the challenge that was posted on the following blog-http://thinnermeblog.tumblr.com/post/75282263862/february-2014-fitness-challenge-focusing. 

2 thoughts on “February 2014 Challenges

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